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Block Paving Cleaning and Re-sanding








To keep your block paving looking clean, regular maintenance is recommended. Jointed pavers are susceptible to weed growth that our rotary cleaning equipment removes together with any dirt build-up. During this process, some jointing sand is lost. To retain the integrity of the block paving we recommend re-sanding after cleaning. This is an inexpensive process which enhances the stability of your block paving. Choice of just ordinary kiln-dried sand or weed-inhibiting sand, which is more expensive. 


Patios, Paths and Brickwork Cleaning







Whether natural stone, concrete slabs or crazy paving, our professional cleaning equipment can remove moss, weeds and sludge that has built up over the years, rejuvenating their colour and making them safer to walk on. With older patios, mortar joints may have disintegrated and crumbled. During cleaning these can be dislodged and require repair.  Please ask for more details regarding repointing. 


Decking Cleaning







Pressure cleaning removes the unsightly build-up of algae that has turned your expensive decking grey and dirty. The winter takes a heavy toll on wooden structures, making them very slippery and unsafe. The ideal time to clean decking is in early spring ready for the season. Oiling or staining of your choice if required after pressure washing has to be carried out when the surface is completely dry so it cannot be performed on the same day as cleaning. 


Fencing, Garden Furniture, Wooden Gates







Fence cleaning is a popular service as wood ages and fades very quickly. Algae build-up discolours timber. A quick burst with the high-pressure lance will leave your fence clean and ready for further treatment. Also has an added bonus that any paint, stain or preservative will adhere much more readily to the surface whether you want to do the coating yourself or get us to do it for you.  

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